Ramnish Gupta

Behind the lens

The Photographer, Ramnish Gupta, is an Indian born New Zealander, currently living in Europe. This website aims to display some of his work over the last few years as a hobby photographer.

"Photography's my passion" he says, as he toys around with his new SLR. "I started taking photos when I was around 5 years old, although I didn't get into SLRs until the age of around 13".

Although he is not a photographer by profession, he still makes time to pursue his passion. There's a good chance that you will find him with his camera out and about on a fine day.

He "specialises" in landscapes as the images on this website would suggest as well. The other area Ramnish loves is aerial photography. "I think it's amazing how a few thousand feet completely changes how you look at a place. I love to be able to capture that different viewpoint on film".

Contact the photographer

If you are keen on TFP/TFCD style shoots, simply drop Ramnish an email, or for a quicker response, contact directly via phone on 0172 409 4960.

Late afternoons are the best time to call or txt.